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New Batting-T on Wheels. New mulit-purpose T-Ball carrier allows you to:
  • Carry everything to the ballpark in one carrier. Be ready to play when you get to the park.
  • Carrier holds bats, balls, gloves.
  • Carrier holds up to 80 LBS.
  • Light weight: The smallest player can pull the carrier by the retractable handle 16.3 LBS.
  • 15" Square base won't allow carrier to tip over. (The way round buckets now do)
  • At home the carrier folds-up to be hung on the wall 2"x15"x15".
  • Store away, in the same carrier.
  • Carrier holds 1/3 more balls than a 5 gallon bucket.
  • 15"x15"x15" carrier can hold up to 100 balls.
  • Carrier is made with tough durable plastic and steel components.

T Ball on Wheels

Take everything to the park in one carrier. Why spend money on a cart that only servers one purpose. Just mount the T-Ball carrier onto this cart. Cart holds 2 hundred Lbs. Costs $30 extra.

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Patent Number

  • 7,226,372

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Revolutionary New
Auto Loader

  • As soon as one ball is hit out, the next ball pops up.
  • Automatic loader lets batter concentrate on just batting.
  • Spring loaded "T" holds 5 balls.
  • Plus Optional Pitcher's cart.